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Local Artist Eugene Kopeck

Eugene Kopeck. Photo Elaina John

“Colour has sound to it, and that sound has a healing effect,” local artist Eugene Kopeck muses. Kopeck began his artistic endeavours in grade school, but slowly distanced himself from the craft as he began pursuing a career and family life. He became a pilot and toured the Antarctic for Ray Nelson of Nelson Lumber in Lloydminster. He resided in Lloydmister for 25 years, until moving to Vermilion five years ago. “Vermilion was my lucky last choice,” Kopeck comments, “It’s a friendly atmosphere. You get to know people far easier here than in Lloyd.” Kopeck returned to his artistic endeavours in recent years after his friends and acquaintances started to notice his artistic skill in quick little sketches and drawings, or “doodles,” as Kopeck refers to them. Kopeck began commissions after having to find a new owner for his dog Cappy, which he was unable to keep in his residence. Thankfully, Cappy’s new owner allows Kopeck to visit him occasionally. To express his gratitude, Kopeck painted a picture of Cappy for his new owner. Kopeck has worked with various mediums, such as oil paints and pastels, and the occasional drawing or watercolour.

An Owl artwork produced by Eugene Kopeck. Photo submitted

Kopeck continued to do commissions for various community members of animals, landscapes, and portraits. Kopeck then began entering in art shows, after being encouraged to do so by Jenny Borysiuk, also known as Baba Jenny. “An honourable mention for her,” Kopeck said with a chuckle. Kopeck mentioned how unfortunate it was that this year’s art show in Vermilion was cancelled due to COVID-19, and hopes that the annual event will continue next year. Kopeck’s commissions are open, and individuals can inquire for commissions and/or prints by emailing

Kopeck's table at the Vermilion Art Show in 2018. Photo submitted

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