• Reporter Elaina John

COVID-19 Update

As of August 6, the Central Zone of Alberta is down to 224 active cases. The County of Vermilion River is up to three active cases. The Municipal District of Wainwright has a concerning spike in cases, as from July 30 to August 6, active cases in the MD of Wainwright have gone from 11 to 45. The Municipal District of Provost has one active case, Viking is down to 64 active cases, and Flagstaff County is down to six. As of August 6, there are no active cases to report in the County of Two Hills, the County of Minburn, the Municipal District of St Paul, or the Municipal District of Bonnyville. However, there are two active cases in Cold Lake. The total number of active cases in Alberta has gone down from 1386 to 1125.


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