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Local Business 19 8ighty 9ine

Clothing retailer 19 8ighty 9ine has had an unexpected surge in business this year. The business was started by Glenda Duchak seven years ago. Duchak makes various clothing including sweaters and scarves. When COVID-19 hit, Duchak began a new route. It was a friend of Duchak’s, who is a nurse in New York, that suggested Duchak make some masks for her and other hospital personnel in New York. “That’s where it all began,” Duchak explained. Since COVID-19 began, Duchak reports to have made over 2000 face masks. Approximately 750 of which have been donated to various hospitals and the Calgary International Airport. “I had absolutely no intention of making 2000 of anything,” Duchak said with a chuckle. After being asked to make masks for her friend in New York, Duchak began selling face masks through her business, 19 8ighty 9ine, and has had great success. Duchak’s masks, along with other articles of clothing from 19 8ighty 9ine can be found on the website or facebook page, as well as various retailers across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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