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3rd Annual Roundup Sale

The Student-Managed Farm-Powered by New Holland will be holding its third annual Roundup sale on March 25.

According to the group of students the Roundup has grown to become the showcase for all the beef and equine animal science students, as its an opportunity to market and exhibit top quality cattle and horses to the industry.

“There’s been a lot of excitement about this year’s sale from all members of the Purebred Unit, and we can’t wait to see you there!” commented Will Bradford, one of the Purebred Roundup coordinators.

On the beef side of the sale, there will be 14 purebred Black Angus bulls, three purebred Red Angus bulls, four purebred Black Angus replacement heifers, and two pens of commercial replacement heifers.

“The bulls are chosen from a 40 purebred head cow herd and the commercial yearling heifers come from 120 cow herd. The bull and heifer pens are full of depth and quality, and every animal offers aspects that can benefit any commercial or purebred herd. In terms of genetics that have been selected and used, we think the animals offer an opportunity to get your hands on some industry-leading Angus genetics.” commented Bradford.

Ty Mitchell from the Animal Science Equine program says that the eight 3-4-year-old AQHA geldings are purchased from trusted private breeders.

“The colt starting team has been putting in the hard work training these geldings to make versatile riding horses since the beginning of the academic year in September. The geldings have been exposed to obstacles and ropes since the start of their training, creating long-lasting confidence to carry through to their new homes,” commented Mitchell.

According to their sale catalog, the team describes these geldings as accurately as possible, as their training level and suitability vary. The team's wish is to see their horses succeed in their new homes.

Our goal is to produce, select and train quality Quarter Horses with excellent dispositions and conformation in an economically sustainable format. We are excited to showcase our team’s hard work that has been put into the geldings,” commented Mitchell.

The sale will commence at 1 p.m. at the Equine centre and the roundup sale catalogue can be viewed through DLMS and videos can be viewed on Cattlevids. The sale offers online bidding through DLMS. You can obtain more information or to book a viewing by contacting Will Bradford at 403-357-9139 (beef) or Ty Mitchell at 780-283-2007 (equine).

The two gentlemen would like to also note that sale cattle can be kept until April 15 free of charge and that horses must be picked up and paid for within five business days of the sale.

The group would like to express great appreciation to these donors and sponsors: Beef: Bohrson Marketing Services, D&N Livestock, Lazy MC Angus, and Schaff Angus Valley. Horse: Myterra Ranch, CP Jazz Up my Dually Clark Performance Horses, Miller Quarter Horses, and Shady Willows.


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