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4-H Scholarships

4-H Canada is continuing to offer scholarships to 4-H members this year. 4-H members contribute greatly to the sustainability of the communities that they live in, as well, they grow as members of the larger communities around them. Many remain in their communities contributing to ongoing agricultural traditions while others continue their education. The three scholarships being offered this year are the John Deere 4-H Scholarship, Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D), and Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers 4-H Scholarship.

“4-H Canada scholarships continue to be a huge support to our senior 4-H members pursuing post-secondary studies within Canada. As a significant percentage of our youth members come from rural and often low-income households, the financial support of these scholarships helps to remove barriers for attending college or university, especially out of province or within urban centres far away from their home communities. We are so glad to be able to offer scholarships through our generous partnerships, so that 4-H members can pursue their career goals, passions and interests, and build the leadership skills so important in any employment sector,” said Erin Smith, Chief Programs Officer of 4-H Canada.

4-H Canada works with a number of generous corporate partners to offer scholarships to youth members each year, with the list of scholarships available each fall being finalized early in the year. Applications are accepted annually starting in March, with winners being announced in August.

4-H Canada surveys all scholarship recipients annually to gauge the impact of the scholarships on their education and career paths.

For more information about the scholarships or to apply visit


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