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A Big Meeting In Vermilion

The year 1929 was an important year for Vermilion. After all, this was the year that the community received one of the top rural hospitals in the entire province.

On Nov. 23, 1929, another big event happened when a large meeting was held in the community with some very important guests.

The Lt. Governor of Alberta, William Egbert, had arrived the day previous in the community. He had served as the Lt. Governor since 1925, and was the third Lt. Governor in the province’s history.

Joining him was MLA George Goadley and they addressed a large group of 400 students and townsfolks in the school gym after a large banquet was held.

This was such a huge event for the area that CKUA from the University of Alberta had set up receivers so that the entire event could be broadcast across Alberta.

The Lt. Governor expressed his admiration for what he called the progressive spirit of Vermilion, especially among its town council. He stated that the co-operation of individuals in everything related to community life was essential to success and to the development of a community spirit.

He also praised Alberta as a whole, stating that no other place in the entire world had progressed as much as the province had in the previous 24 years.

Mayor Fallow then welcomed MLA Hoadley, the Minister of Agriculture, to the stage. Hoadley gave a historical review of the schools of agriculture in Alberta and he praised the agricultural educational system in the province.

He then outlined the plans for a school of agriculture in Vermilion and his hope that Vermilion would become a teaching and vocation centre for the province.

Then scholarships worth $50 each were presented to students of the area. The students were Huldah Johnson, E. Swindlehurst, Mark Stevenson and Fanny Edson.

Following the speeches, food and award presentation, a musical program under the direction of William Elford was conducted.

All in all, it was a pretty good day and evening for Vermilion nearly one century ago.

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