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A Look At Vermilion In March 1910

The year 1910 was a very long time ago. We are as far from 1910 as 1910 was from 1797. A lot has changed since then, so I thought we would take a look at what was going on in Vermilion during the last part of the month of March in 1910.

First, the regular sitting of the court was heard in which the cases of Rex vs Harmon and Rex vs Osbourne were heard. In the cases, the charges were dismissed as it was found that the act under which the information was laid had been repealed.

Another court case was heard, Vermilion Creamery vs Baker. This was an action that sought to collect the balance due on shares in the Vermilion Creamery. Judgment was reserved in the case.

W. Parsons had secured the contract for the erection of a flour mill, which was to be built by Wiebe and Son. Work was to begin immediately and the creamery would be finished by the autumn.

A Mr. Williamson, representing the R.S. King Company of Seattle, was in town visiting. He had produced a pamphlet that advertised the Vermilion area to prospective settlers.

E.B. Williams, a barrister from Edmonton, was also in town. Fred Bowtell had arrived as well, having been working west of Edmonton throughout the winter.

The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian Church put on a concert at the school. The concert was very well attended and the concert was called a great success. The Vermilion Amateur Dramatic Society also put on a short play called The Doctor’s Patients.

A.W. Ebbett of the law firm Murray and Ebbett left to attend court in Edmonton, while Arthur McGinness sold his farm to Mrs. J. Robinson. Many farms had changed hands during the spring of 1910.

L.C. Woodruff also sold his farm east of town and was now selling his stock and implements by public auction.

Lastly, Harry Bowtell left the area for his trading post at Frog Lake with two loads of supplies from Vermilion.

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