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A Visit By The Lt. Governor

Back in 1929, a year that would turn out to be a major year in world history as The Great Depression loomed large, Vermilion was preparing for a famous visitor. Only one month after the fall of the stock market that triggered the start of The Great Depression, the Lt. Governor visited Vermilion on Nov. 22.

Early on, it was the hope that Premier John Brownlee would be joining Dr. William Egbert, who had served as Lt. Governor since 1925. In the end, the premier didn’t join Egbert but that didn’t stop citizens from celebrating the arrival of the Lt. Governor.

Throughout the community, businesses were decorated with flags and buntings and the Union Jack was on every flag pole in the community. A formal reception ceremony took place at the public park which was filled with people as the Lt. Governor arrived. Welcoming the Lt. Governor was Mayor W.A. Fallow, Major H. Watson, W.J. Elliott, the principal of the school of agriculture, and several others.

The party was then escorted to the municipal arena, which had been decorated, as the Vermilion citizen’s band played music as the Lt. Governor inspected the high school cadet corps, led by Art Wiber. Boy Scouts under Scoutmaster Don Taylor were also on hand. Several veterans of the First World War were also on hand, led by S.G. Brass, the president of the local legion.

Next, the group went to the new high school and visited the power plant in town that had just been built. It was said the Lt. Governor was greatly interested in the community heating system and he congratulated the town on its modern conveniences that had been built for residents.

Afterward, the party was the guests of the Vermilion Board of Trade at the Brunswick Hotel. The Lt. Governor gave a short speech, and then dinner was enjoyed at the assembly hall of the School of Agriculture.

All in all, it was a big day for the community and one the residents would remember for a very long time.

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