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Ag For Life To Launch 2nd Annual Junior Garden Club

Members of the Junior Garden Club. Photos submitted

Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) is proud to announce the return of the Junior Garden Club. The Junior Garden Club provides youth an opportunity to experience growing food, while they learn new skills, responsibilities and build self-confidence, healthy eating, patience, and fosters a love of nature.

The Junior Garden Club began on March 24 and will run until October 15, 2021. It includes a wide range of garden activities; farm to fork recipes, tips, and videos to assist new growers and aspiring farmers. The club is open to all Alberta youth.

“Over the past year, we have seen an overwhelming amount of interest in gardening, whether it be floral, fruit and vegetable, or container planting – gardening is booming! We are excited to have partnered with our friends at Calgary Horticultural Society for the second year in a row to offer a program that is educational, inspiring and offers a host of life lessons beyond the obvious technical skills,” says Luree Williamson, CEO of Agriculture for Life.

After a successful introduction of the program last year, the two charities are working together again to create more opportunities for Alberta’s youth to start gardening. Calgary Horticultural Society is driven by the belief that as the gardening community grows, the city’s quality of life is enhanced and so is the environment. In line with this mission is Ag for Life’s dedication to building a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture through educational programs and awareness raising activities.

The Junior Garden Club encourages natural interest while teaching youth the techniques of growing food at home. It uses gardening and food activities to support learning objectives, from planting tiny seeds and prepping soil, to making a fresh salad and pickling vegetables – the club connects children to agriculture, food, and the environment. Teaching children how to grow their own food is key to promoting good health while exposing them to a variety of fruits and vegetables.

To register visit Keep an eye out on Ag for Life Facebook, Instagram and their website for program updates this spring and summer.

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