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Alberta Government Extends Relaunch Grant

The Alberta Government made the decision to extend the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant to help Alberta businesses that have been affected by the new COVID-19 restrictions.

Initially the grant was only $5,000, however has stated that the extended grant has new qualification measures, such as, lowered 30 per cent of revenue loss, which was previously 40 per cent, and a second payment amount of $15,000 for eligible businesses to receive, which makes for a total of $20,000. The Government of Alberta has put $500 million in funding for this program.

In order for businesses to be eligible for the second payment, they must be operating in a region that is affected by the public health orders that were brought into effect on December 6, and must have been required to close their doors by those public health orders. Businesses that have multiple physical establishments that are eligible for the grant can apply for funding for each establishment by submitting separate applications for each location/branch.

For more information about the funding or how to apply visit

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