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Alumni Rodeo

Clinton Rempel at the Alumni Rodeo. Photo Angela Mouly

The Lakeland College Rodeo Team hosted an Alumni Rodeo in Vermilion on March 31.

Events included pole bending, tie down roping, break away roping, team roping, barrel racing, and bull riding.

“This rodeo is an opportunity for anyone who went to school here or for people who competed in Vermilion to come back and have some fun; it’s a nice way to finish out the college rodeo season,” said local announcer, Dom St. Amand. “Rodeo is pretty cool because it is one of the only sports where even though you are competing against other people you are competing against yourself. Participants are always supporting one another, and it provides the opportunity to share the western way of life and celebrate it.”

When asked if there was any stand out performances, he said Reid Regehr and Logan Groves lead the field with a 5.4 second run in team roping. He described it as a “really nice technical run” that everyone who followed tried to replicate.

Clinton Rempel is a current second year Ag Business student from Fort St. John, B.C. He didn’t always know he was going to attend school here, but since he did he says he’s loved every minute of it. His experience allowed him to get into team roping, and he competed as a heeler.

“I grew up in agriculture but competitive roping is fun because it pushes you to do the best you can,” said Rempel.

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