• Lorna Hamilton

Bargain Shop Has New Manager

The new Manager of the Vermilion Bargain Shop Cori Dewolde. Photo Lorna Hamilton

As of June 29, the Bargain Shop in Vermilion has a new manager. Cori Dewolde began her career within the Red Apple 17 years ago, she worked at the High River Bargain Shop for 10 years and before moving to Vermilion she worked in the Claresholm location for 6.5. Dewolde is now residing in Vermilion with her partner Jerry and her two eldest boys Mitchell and Jason.

Dewolde says she is thrilled with the wonderful staff currently working at the store and is looking forward to having a larger presence in the community.

“We would like to participate in community events and fundraisers whenever we can. Each year we have a Fill the Sleigh event which I am looking forward to holding in Vermilion. We will also be participating in parades. If there are organizations that are looking for help in fundraising they can always come see me and we can figure out if there is a way for us to help. I am very community-minded and I love being able to help whenever I can,” said Dewolde.

Dewolde also commented that she is looking forward to getting to know the people of the community and is excited about getting to know people by name.