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Beer Garden - Entertainment - Freestage

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Always a crowd pleaser, the beer gardens were not built overnight. Setting up an event like that takes much organization and coordination from a committee to make sure the whole operation runs smoothly. Many of us have fond memories of spending time together with friends and family after a long day showing at the fair. It is always nice to unwind with a cold beverage and good fellowship. With spacious seating and fast service, the beer garden is a great addition to the Vermilion Fair that we are always happy to have. And be sure to take in some entertainment while you’re there!

The entertainment committee always makes sure to host a good show! The beer gardens host some very talented country and alternative musicians and the grandstand entertainers always put on a great show for audiences of all ages. The entertainment committee is responsible for bookings, coordination and much more. The Entertainment Committee works hard year-round to provide you with enjoyable entertainment for a successful Fair! Thank you to all our partners, sponsors and volunteers for your generous contributions throughout the years. Without your assistance, the fair would not be where it is today. Over the 114-year history of the Vermilion Fair the dedicated committee members have accepted the responsibilities and put in the many volunteer hours, as well as participate in the pre-event activities each summer. Be sure to thank them for all the hard work they do next time you are at the Vermilion Fair. Of course, if you’re more of a performer yourself there’s always the free stage!

Just south of the Grandstand is our free stage, where anyone can perform. It’s a great showcase of the talent this community holds, as well as the fun-loving, free spirits who reside here. The free stage is just a plain-and simple good time. With no cost of entry besides the gate fee it’s a great way to pass some time and get some good entertainment. We at the Vermilion Ag Society want to thank all the committee members, volunteers, and fair-going guests who make these events a success each and every year.

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