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Bird Hill Liquor Store

Bird Hill Liquor Store sign. Photo Elaina John

On August 20, Bird Hill Liquor store opened its doors.

Situated at Prairie Place (Corner of HWY 41 and College Drive), Bird Hill Liquor’s location was a liquor store previously. However after the previous liquor store closed, the spot in the building was left vacant.

“After having a lease space sit vacant and customers pulling at the locked door we felt this was a project we both could take on while still heavily involved in our main industries respectfully,” said Shawn Jacula. Owners Shawn and Bethany Jacula are well-equipped for running Bird Hill Liquor, as Bethany brings her experience in the service industry and Shawn brings his experience in business. This combined with their great team of staff members, they are off to a great start.

The Jacula’s have been proactive in introducing new selections to Bird Hill Liquor as they get to know preferences and favourites in Vermilion. Bird Hill Liquor is all ears when it comes to new products, if they are missing something they will try their best to get access to it and bring it in. Bird Hill Liquor also offers curbside pickup.

“We’ve been very happy with the support of the community,” commented the Jaculas, “We appreciate each and every one of our customers on this new venture.”

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