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Blue Christmas Presented Virtually This Year

Back row, from left: Rev. Harvey Hussey (Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church), Rev. Elizabeth Metcalfe (St. Saviors Anglican Church), Rev. Brad Shellenberg (Parkview Alliance Church), Father Roman Kobyletskyy (St. Olga’s Ukrainian Catholic Church), Doug McCrae (Faith Lutheran Church), Joanne McCrae (Faith Lutheran Church), Hilda Bell (St. Saviors Anglican Church)

Front row, from left: Anita Jaremco (St. Olga’s Ukrainian Catholic Church), Darlene Kachan (St. Olga’s Ukrainian Catholic Church), Carol Selte (Ganton Presbyterian Church), Lynda Moses (Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church). Photos Elaina John

A Blue Christmas service was live-streamed at St. Olgas Ukrainian Catholic Church, on December 2.

Blue Christmas is often held closer to Christmas Day, however, in Vermilion, Blue Christmas has been held earlier in the month for eight years, as not to distract from other holiday services.

Blue Christmas is an event held for those who have experienced a loss recently or around Christmastime to encourage and uplift. The Blue Christmas Association is non-denominational and various churches in Vermilion participate in the services, which are held at a different church each year. The service typically consists of prayers, advent readings, meditations, and candle-lighting, in memory of a loved one. This year, as it was presented virtually, participants watching on a Youtube live stream were invited to prepare a candle to light at home.

“Blue Christmas is about believing that healing will go forth,” said Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church Pastor, Harvey Hussey.

The Blue Christmas Service is still available to watch on the Parkview Alliance Church Youtube channel.

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