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Budd Hutt Grand Opening

From left, Leanne Martin-Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce, Leanne Fraser, Councillor Kirby Whitlock, Mayor Greg Throndson, Mikayla Rozka-Team Lead, Budd Hutt, Councillor Kevin Martin and Manager Economic Development Mary Lee Prior. Photo Braxton Hoare

On October 29, after months of delay due to COVID-19 the Budd Hutt (located at 5032- 50th Ave) had three council members visit for a grand opening ceremony. Mayor Greg Throndson, Councillors Kirby Whitlock and Kevin Martin along with Economic Development Officer Mary Lee Prior and Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce manager Leanne Martin presented The Budd Hutt staff with a welcome plaque after a short tour of the new business. 

“It’s always nice to see our community grow, and this will offer a new unique experience for the many different people who live here,” Mayor Throndson commented.

This is not the first Budd Hutt location opened in Alberta, however, CEO Craig Belcher prefers to open these stores in smaller communities. According to his employees, he likes to get involved in the communities he invests in.

The inside of the Budd Hutt location is both friendly and inviting with staff members equally as such. Featuring a large selection of cannabis products for both recreational and health purposes, the store presents with a clean, modern aesthetic. The store recommends you speak with your doctor before purchasing marijuana for medical use. Staff and visitors commented that without a doubt the Budd Hutt will make a great addition to the community.

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