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Budding Young Artists Shine In Spotlight At Vermilion Public Library

Photos Lorna Hamilton

The Vermilion Public Library has transformed a designated area of its space into a vibrant canvas, showcasing the remarkable talents of budding young artists in its latest exhibition, “Artists of the Month.” This collection of artworks was carefully curated and nurtured under the guidance of local artist Cindi Plant. Plant, the owner of an art studio within the Vermilion Airport building, has been instrumental in shaping the artistic journey of these young talents.

The artworks on display are the creative fruits of Plant’s labour, stemming from years of dedication to teaching young minds the intricacies of art.

“My classes occur once a week over 9-week sessions in both fall and spring, accompanied by a one-week summer art camp held at my studio,” explained Plant. These instructional sessions were attended by eager students from Vermilion Elementary School and St. Jerome’s, spanning across grades 1 to 6.

A striking centerpiece of this exhibition is a collaborative piece, proudly hung near the library’s entrance, which was crafted during this summer’s art class, with students attending not only from Vermilion but also from cities like Lloydminster, Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort MacMurray. This diverse representation of talent reflects the art studio’s open doors to young artists from far and wide.

What is most noticeable about the exhibit is the diversity of mediums on display, as many of the pieces feature mixed mediums such as paints, feathers, wood, strings, rope, glue, etc. As Plant expressed, “I always begin a 9-week session with drawing, and every 9-week session will result in a canvas painting of some subject, with a variety of other projects in between.”

Plant’s teaching philosophy is rooted in nurturing creativity and fostering a love for art.

“My philosophy for teaching art to youth is primarily to expose them to a vast variety of art materials and methods of application,” she emphasized. “The emphasis is always on exercising creativity and having fun doing it rather than exacting a certain standard of expertise.” This approach has not only honed the technical skills of her students but has also ignited their passion for art.

The success and popularity of Plant’s art classes are evident in her waitlist, which currently boasts 20 eager individuals hoping to partake in her guidance. Despite the demand, she has opted not to actively advertise her services and is not accepting further requests at this time.

This month’s Vermilion Public Library’s “Artists of the Month” exhibition serves as a testament to the creativity and budding talent nurtured by Cindi Plant and stands as a source of inspiration for aspiring young artists.

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