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Burnt Rock Adventure Co. Coming To Vermilion

Toland Cochrane (left) and Aaron Hayman (right), owners of Burnt Rock Adventure Co. Photo Elaina John

Baseball found in joists of the Standard building. Photo submitted

One of Vermilion’s Historical Building, The Standard Building, was recently purchased by Toland Cochrane and Aaron Hayman.

Both in the construction industry, Cochrane and Hayman came together to purchase the building and put in an outdoor pursuit shop. The building came up for sale late last year and was bought with the intention of preserving it for the sake of its rich history.

“We thought an outdoor pursuit shop would be good for the community,” said Cochrane.

The Standard building was built by S.R.P. Cooper in 1909.

“We wanted to make sure it was rejuvenated,” explained Cochrane.

The shop will include mid-to-high quality bikes, canoes, kayaks, skis, accessories, and activewear. Additionally, Burnt Rock will be moving the men’s shoes from Harbrook and Paisley and will expand the selection. The shop will have rentals for electric hybrid mountain bikes and canoes, to “highlight the provincial park in the community,” according to Cochrane. Bike repairs will also be available at Burnt Rock.

During Renos, Cochrane and Hayman found an old softball in the joists, belonging to a member of the original owners of the building, the Cooper family. Some members of the Cooper family still live in the Vermilion Area, so Cochrane hopes to ask around and see if he can get some of the history behind it. The Voice has tried as well, but so far no luck, if you know anything about the baseball please call the Voice at 780-853-6305.

“We can’t quite make out the name on it, but I’m going to see if I can figure out who it belonged to,” Cochrane said.

According to Cochrane, the shop will hopefully be open in early May of this year.

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