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Carriage Driving

A group of participants carriage driving in Vermilion on June 17. Photos Angela Mouly

The East/West Driving Club hosted a Pleasure Show on June 17, and a Triple Driving Event on June 18.

“The advantage of driving is that you can use any size of horse; from mini all the way to heavy horses. Trail or jumping classes require a certain type, but for driving any horse can be used. As well, people who are unable to ride can drive; there’s even para-driving, said volunteer Irene Smith. “The Pleasure, shows local participants a chance to practice, and we will be hosting a more competitive event in August.”

From left, Stacey Gamble and 1st time driver Sydni Keichenger.

The Pleasure Show featured rail classes including a junior class, and speed classes. There was even one of their own unique events, a ball toss class, that has participants go around collecting tennis balls one at a time from the tops of five pylons and dropping them in a bucket in the centre. The triple driving event featured dressage, cones, and a derby.

Participant Lorraine Dibben has been driving for 10 years and said she loves everything about it; it gets her out of the house and she enjoys working with her horse, Cody.

Even with their numbers down this year everyone was having a good time and Smith said, “We are lucky to have a number of very faithful people who volunteer for us.”


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