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Celebrating Fifty Years In Vermilion

I enjoy going through old newspapers to find interesting stories. Sometimes they were stories about major events, major discoveries, or occasionally just a great anniversary.

This week, I decided to feature the couple of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wallace. I wish I had the first name of the wife, but at the time newspapers often didn’t print the first name of the wife.

The date was Aug. 22, 1952 and the aforementioned Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Cooper were two well known residents in Vermilion, having lived in the area since 1910. By that point, they had already been married eight years and in 1952 were celebrating 50 years together.

We may take 50 years together for granted these days, but in the early-to-mid 20th century, it was not as common.

To celebrate their anniversary, 103 people from the community came out for an afternoon and evening celebration for the couple. The reception was held at the home of their daughter. Unfortunately, she was only identified as Mrs. Lawrence Barlow.

The happy couple had been married on Aug. 16, 1902 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England and had come to Canada in August of 1904. They settled in Dresden, Ontario for the next six years but then decided to come out to the Vermilion district. They had heard good things and decided it was the place they wanted to be.

They came with their daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Barrow, and their two sons Harry and Morris. All their children continue to live in the district.

At their anniversary celebration, a toast was given by their long-time friend and neighbour, A.C. Majury. Guests also included Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Cooper from Dahlton, Saskatchewan, who were the in-laws of W.F. Cooper.

Overall, it was a great celebration for a couple who had called Vermilion home for 42 years by that point.

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