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Celebrating Local Artistry: Janice Jones Is Artist Of The Month At Vermilion Public Library

Janice Jones with some of her artwork. Photos Lorna Hamilton

The Vermilion Public Library is proud to announce Janice Jones as this month’s featured artist. A resident of Vermilion since 1981, Jones brings a wealth of creative talent to the community.

Retired from Lakeland College after three decades of service in various roles, Jones has transitioned into a vibrant retirement filled with artistic pursuits. Since her retirement in 2011, she has dedicated much of her time to photography and quilting, two passions that have captured her imagination, creativity, and most of her spare time.

“I have always had an interest in photography – mostly people and landscapes,” Jones shared. “As I read about photography and followed various photographers on Instagram, I repeatedly saw that your photos should tell a story.”

Jones, who has been quilting since 1998, found inspiration in the gatherings and quilt shows of the Vermilion Quilting Guild of which she is a charter member. Combining her love for photography and quilting, she embarked on a unique project to capture the essence of the quilting community.

Her photography display at the Vermilion Public Library is a testament to her vision. Jones visited eight sewing spaces of her friends and fellow quilters, capturing the tools, fabric stashes, sewing machines, and projects that define each quilter’s personal sanctuary.

“Like many projects, as I started to work at developing the display, the results evolved,” Jones explained. “I found my techniques and even my camera had changed over these past four years since I started collecting photos.”

Selecting the pictures for her display proved to be a valuable learning experience for Jones, one that she intends to carry forward into her future projects. Grateful for the support of Long’s Drug Store photo lab and the Vermilion Public Library, Jones expressed her appreciation for the resources that made her display possible.

In addition to Jones’s captivating photography, the Vermilion Public Library is currently showcasing a collaborative growth project by the Vermilion Quilters Guild. Inspired by the Town of Vermilion Logo, the quilt project involved 28 members of the guild, including Jones.

Initiated last spring, the project took shape under the guidance of a dedicated planning committee. Through workshops held throughout the summer, participating members learned the techniques necessary to bring their collective vision to life.

The quilt with the Town of Vermilion logo.

The information board at the library states that as the project progressed the process was very fluid and the design and quilt evolved as they worked on it. The finished quilt, deliberately left without backing, allows viewers to appreciate the complexity and beauty of its construction.

The Vermilion Quilters Guild invites the community to visit the library and admire their masterpiece. Feedback and comments from viewers are welcomed as they celebrate the spirit of collaboration and creativity that defines their artistic endeavors.

The artworks of Janice Jones and the Vermilion Quilters Guild is a reminder of the rich artistic talent thriving within the Vermilion community.


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