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Coach’s Clinic

The Vermilion Soccer Association (VSA) hosted a coaches clinic April 22-23 at J.R. Robson School. Coaches from Bonnyville and around the Lakeland District attended, and there will be two upcoming clinics held in Cold Lake and Vegreville as well.

The clinic offered national certification for coaches under the new standards for quality soccer. Learning Facilitator from Alberta Soccer, Mike Pomerleau held three streams throughout the weekend; fundamentals, learn to train, and soccer for life which together covered coaching age groups 6 - 18.

Participants each had the opportunity to run an activity that taught a specific skill and received feedback throughout the day.

“The younger age groups work on getting comfortable with the ball, while mid-age groups work on general coaching positioning, voice, stoppages, and introducing the game. It’s great to see people getting back into it and these coaches giving up their Saturday to learn, improve, and grow and pass that knowledge down to their players,” said Pomerleau.

He said soccer develops mental health through decision-making and problem-solving; develops social skills by getting comfortable with teammates, coaches and opponents; and develops physical literacy by walking, jogging, running, and turning.

Getting into soccer when her children began playing, Katy Delves has coached for the past seven years and said it was a good way to help them develop a love of sport.

“From the time you watch the younger ones develop that love of the game, to watching the older ones get a competitive edge that drives them to succeed is really special. Soccer gets you outside and the positivity and support you get from people in your peer group sticks with you,” said Delves. “Many of these people have never coached before so good on the new volunteers for stepping up so the children can continue to play.”

Thanks to Mike for coming out. It’s really good professional development for our coaching staff and ensuring how to provide better, safer, and inclusive experience,” said VSA president Gordon Barrett.

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