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Constable Jean-Michel Fortin

Constable Jean-Michel Fortin. Photo submitted

Fresh from training, Vermilion welcomed a new RCMP Member, Constable Jean-Michel Fortin in April.

Many of Fortin’s family members were serving in Military positions when Fortin pursued a career in business. However, once Fortin started a family, he decided to alter his career path.

“I supposed chasing dollars wasn’t enough anymore, so I had to find my niche,” Fortin explained, “I was definitely a black sheep for a little while,” he added with a chuckle.

Vermilion is a common first posting for RCMP officers, as Lakeland communities allow new officers to experience specialized units and policing in different population densities. Lakeland communities have been an adjustment for Fortin, as he comes to Vermilion from richly populated Halifax.

Fortin has found Vermilion’s community to be supportive of police, particularly considering his observation of amount of retired police that decide to settle in Vermilion.

Fortin looks forward to the time he has in Vermilion, approximately 4 years, and is enthusiastic about continuing to work with his fellow officers in Vermilion’s RCMP detachment.

“They’ve been great at helping me adjust and find my footing,” Fortin commented.

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