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Cornerstone Co-op And Vermilion KidSport Join Forces In Rain Or Shine

Cornerstone Co-op employees brave the rainy weather conditions. Photos Cornerstone Co-op

In a collaboration aimed at uplifting local youth, Cornerstone Co-op and Vermilion KidSport came together on August 24 to host a hot dog BBQ at the Vermilion Splash Park. This event not only fed the hungry tummies in attendance with delicious hot dogs but also ignited awareness for the remarkable campaigns dedicated to enriching the lives of children within the community.

Sponsored entirely by Cornerstone Co-op, the event was successful as families gathered at the Splash Park. Aimed primarily at young families, the event provided an engaging platform to acquaint attendees with the unique programs each organization offers, fostering a spirit of unity and camaraderie among residents.

Children attending the Splash Park Party in rainy conditions.

Cornerstone Co-op, with its ardent commitment to the community’s growth, showcased its Co-op Kids Club, extending an inviting hand to children aged 12 and below. Upon joining this club, youngsters are granted an array of exciting benefits. Membership was as simple as having a guardian sign up at any of Cornerstone Co-op’s locations or applying online. Young members are then presented with a “Kids Club Passport” to collect stickers during visits to various Co-op locations. After amassing 20 stickers, kids can redeem their filled passport for a well-deserved prize at any of the Cornerstone Co-op’s food stores. The perks extends beyond tangible rewards, as Kids Club members are invited to exclusive events, offered participation in thrilling contests, and even receive a special birthday card with a valuable coupon.

Complementing Cornerstone Co-op’s endeavor, Vermilion KidSport shone as a beacon of hope for families seeking to overcome financial barriers limiting their children’s participation in sports. Established in 1993, KidSport has magnanimously granted over 965,000 children across Canada with access to sports, removing financial hindrances totaling more than $92 million in registration fees and equipment costs. The poignant reality that one in three Canadian children face exclusion from sports due to financial constraints underscores the dire necessity of KidSport’s mission. United by its extensive network of local chapters, KidSport Canada tirelessly works to ensure every child can experience the transformative power of play.

Eligibility for KidSport grants extends to families categorized as low income, recipients of AISH, unemployed, or those receiving income support from provincial governments. Grants cater to children and youth aged 18 and below, offering up to $300 per approved child annually towards sports registration fees. While travel expenses for competitions are not covered, the focus remains steadfast on granting access to organized sports.

The application process for KidSport grants is straightforward and accessible, facilitating equal opportunities for all. Families interested in applying need to identify a suitable sport program for their child and then locate their local KidSport Chapter (such as Vermilion KidSport) through the official website. The application can be completed online or via a paper form, with the subsequent steps involving coordination with the chosen sport organization. Once approved, the grants are directly disbursed to the sport club, fostering an efficient and transparent system.

Vermilion KidSport places a premium on privacy, vowing to uphold the confidentiality of all applicants’ information. Data collected serves the sole purpose of administering KidSport, with the assurance that it remains within the purview of KidSport personnel and relevant organizations pivotal to processing applications. For further inquiries or assistance, individuals are encouraged to contact

The Cornerstone Co-op and Vermilion KidSport’s collaborative efforts stand as a testament to the potential forged by communities uniting to uplift their youngest members.

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