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Cornerstone Co-op Elevates Kory Kralkay To Chief Executive Officer

Kory Kralkay. Photo submitted

In a move signaling a commitment to continuity and community engagement, Cornerstone Co-op’s Board of Directors, Leadership and Team proudly announced Kory Kralkay as its new Chief Executive Officer on February 12. With over 26 years of experience within the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS), Kralkay’s ascent reflects a deep-rooted dedication to the cooperative ideology and a proven track record of leadership.

Kralkay’s journey within the cooperative movement began humbly, serving as a food and delivery clerk during his high school years. Since then, his career has blossomed through various roles and extensive training programs across six separate retail associations, including Cornerstone Co-op, and Federated Co-op Limited (FCL).

Having spent 22 years in leadership roles; including five years as General Manager experience with retails; two years as Retail Advisor with FCL Edmonoton Region; and most recently for the last seven years as Director of Operations with Cornerstone Co-op, Kralkay’s tenure is marked by his steadfast commitment to Cornerstone’s vision: “Investing in People and Business to Share Local Profits for Generations” and its purpose statement: “Making Life Better in our Communities.” Kralkay is very proud of the contributions that Cornerstone continues to uphold including investing $10,000 per day back into local communities, groups, owners, and events.

Reflecting on his journey, Kralkay expressed pride in Cornerstone’s transformative impact, stating, “I’m proud to see first-hand the changes and impact our Co-op has had in the seven years I’ve been here in Vermilion, adding a national franchise, two new commodity offerings, and two major upgrades. Co-op builds communities.”

Kralkay’s commitment to personal and professional development is evident through his academic achievements, including a Certificate in Business Management from Dalhousie University and the completion of the Queen’s Advanced Executive Certificate through Smith School of Business in 2023.

Rooted in Wadena, Saskatchewan, Kralkay has traversed various communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta throughout his career. Alongside his wife Shaunah, a combined Lab & X-Ray technician, and their two children, Avery and Jonas, Kralkay remains steadfast in his commitment to Vermilion.

Expressing enthusiasm for his new role, Kralkay affirmed, “I am excited for the new responsibility and being able to stay in Vermilion to advance my career.” Beyond the boardroom, Kralkay is deeply ingrained in community initiatives, volunteering at local events such as Haying in the 30’s, Rotary Garage Sale, and events like the Amazing Race, Taste of Vermilion, Art in the Park, and Savour, all under the umbrella of Vermilion’s Goodlife Institute. Additionally, he actively engages in community sports as a Minor Ball Coach and contributes his leadership acumen as a Rotarian member and former Vermilion Chamber of Commerce President.

As Kralkay steps into his new role, his blend of experience, vision, and community spirit positions Cornerstone Co-op for continued growth and meaningful community impact, reaffirming its status as a cornerstone of community support and development.


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