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Cornerstone Co-op Fuel Good Day

Lorna Hamilton


Cornerstone Co-op along with other Co-ops throughout Western Canada held their annual Fuel Good Day on September 15.

During Fuel Good Day 5 cents of every litre of all grades of gasoline and diesel fuels purchased was donated to a local charity or non profit organization and this year Cornerstone Co-op has chosen to donate the proceeds to the local food bank.

“This year we are donating to the local food banks,” said Vermilion Cornerstone Co-op gas bar assistant manager Arleigh Reid.

During the day Co-op had volunteers such as Mayor Caroline McAuley, CAO for the Town of Vermilion, George Rogers, Community Economic Development Officer for the Town of Vermilion, Mary Lee Prior as well as volunteers from the community including the Vermilion Credit Union, Victim Services, Vermilion RCMP etc. whom helped pass out free coffee coupons and $2 off Booster Juice coupons.

With gas prices at Co-op set at 96.4 it was definitely enticing as other local gas bars were priced higher. Up until midnight on September 15 many community members fueled up or topped up their tank which gave Cornerstone Co-op Gas bar in Vermilion the opportunity to donate $750 to the Vermilion Food Bank and raise over $2,700 combined for local food banks in the Cornerstone area!

“We really want to thank our community for all their support for this event.” said Assistant Manager Arleigh Reid.

Since its launch in 2017 across Western Canada the Co-op Fuel Good day has raised nearly $1.9 million.

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