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  • Caylie Gnyra

Cornerstone Co-op Fuel Good Day Raises Funds For Senior Centre Curling Floor

Cornerstone Co-op Gas Bar Manager Arleigh Reid, Vermilion Senior Centre Treasurer Ken Bossert, Vermilion Mayor Greg Throndson, and Senior Centre President Sterling MacCallum pump gas at Vermilion Cornerstone Co-op’s Fuel Good Day. Photo Caylie Gnyra

Volunteers from the Vermilion Senior Centre enthusiastically fueled tanks and washed windows for patrons at the Cornerstone Co-op Gas Bar on, September 19 for Co-op’s annual Fuel Good Day.

Each year since 2017, Co-ops across Western Canada have held Fuel Good Day, where a portion of fuel sales are donated to local charities and non-profits. The Vermilion Senior Centre was selected as the beneficiary for Cornerstone Co-op Gas Bar this year.

Five cents from each litre of gas and diesel fuel sold at the Vermilion Cornerstone Co-op Gas Bar on September 19 was donated to the Vermilion Senior Centre, supporting the refurbishment of their curling floor. Co-op also baked and individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies for the event. The gas bar sold the cookies at the till, while volunteers from the Senior Centre hosted a table at the Cornerstone Co-op grocery store, selling individual cookies for a dollar and directing a quarter from each to the fundraiser. Additionally, one dollar from every coffee and Big Cool slush sold at the gas bar was donated to the Senior Centre, while air fresheners were offered in exchange for a two-dollar donation.

The refurbishment of the curling floor is a $26,000 project that is important to the organization because it helps keep seniors active physically, socially, and mentally. Senior Centre President Sterling MacCallum explains that the group made the commitment to the project at their last meeting and are in the process of working with Toma Fine Floors of Vermilion to determine timing of the installation. The Vermilion Rotary Club had already committed $5,000 from their most recent garage sale, and Toma was selected to reflect the Rotary Club’s desire to keep the funds circulating within the community. The amount raised by Fuel Good Day is still forthcoming.

Vermilion Mayor and Fuel Good Day volunteer Greg Throndson praised Co-op’s generosity, saying, “Co-op is second to none. They step up and donate to our community in ways we don’t always notice.” Dianne Dunn, Executive Assistant at the Senior Centre, says, “The Senior Centre extends its gratitude to everyone who came out to support the organization, and to the Co-op for such a great promotion.”

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