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Council Explains Sanctioning And Code Of Conduct

The public should know that when sanctions get put on members of Council, it not only impacts the Councilor in question; it also impacts Council as a whole. More work is added on the rest of the Councilors; in the case of Mayor Greg Throndson being sanctioned, Council will be splitting the extra committee responsibilities, which adds to our workload. There is also a cost to our taxpayers for arbitration and lawyers to ensure our town is safe in the decisions we make. 

We are all elected officials for the Town of Vermilion; Mayor Throndson was elected as Mayor and his elected title is still the mayor. The rest of Council is elected as Councilors, and every member takes turns as Deputy Mayor over our elected term. 

Town council follows a Code of Conduct for several reasons: 

Ethical Standards: It ensures that council members adhere to ethical principles, promoting honesty, integrity, and accountability in their actions. 

Public Trust: Upholding a Code of Conduct fosters trust between the council and the community, as it demonstrates a commitment to transparency and fairness. 

Legal Compliance: It helps ensure compliance with legal requirements and regulations governing the conduct of public officials, minimizing the risk of legal issues or conflicts of interest. 

Maintaining Order: A code of conduct sets clear guidelines for behavior, reducing the likelihood of disruptive or inappropriate conduct within council meetings and interactions with our public and administration. 

Promoting Respect: It encourages respectful communication and interaction among council members, staff, and the public, fostering a positive and constructive working environment. 

Preserving Reputation: Following a Code of Conduct helps protect Council’s reputation by preventing misconduct or unethical behavior that could tarnish its image or credibility. 

Setting Standards: It establishes a benchmark for expected behavior, promoting professionalism and responsible governance among council members and ensuring consistency in decision-making processes. 

Council can do great things for our community, and we are determined to our goal in building a healthy, innovative, and inclusive town where people come first, and where everyone has access to the resources they need to healthy lives and fulfill their potential. 

Kevin Martin 

Deputy Mayor  

Town of Vermilion 

Speaking for Council

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