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County Of Vermilion River Protective Services Update

Clandonald and Dewberry Fire & Rescue attending a vehicle fire. Photo submitted

The County of Vermilion River Protective Services was busy for the month of May as Firefighters responded to 56 calls for service within the County boundaries; these numbers do not reflect other calls that were received within the Town of Vermilion, or the Villages of Kitscoty, Marwayne and Paradise Valley.

So far in the month of June according to the County of Vermilion Protective Services Facebook page services were required for numerous fire calls, Medical calls and Rescue calls.

The fire calls included:

A fire call came in involving hay bales in Paradise Valley when lightning struck. Paradise Valley Fire Chief Dobson worked with the property owner and it was decided to control the burn and mitigate the spread while letting the pile burn down before cooling the remnants.

An outside fire was looked after along Highway 16 near Nelson Lumber by Blackfoot fire and County #9-1 when employees were alerted of a fire by a plume of black smoke. Chief Parkinson (Car #1) had the duty crew implement a rapid attack to the north side of the field fire, while a second crew controlled the spreading grassfire.

In the Clandonald area, Clandonald and Dewberry Fire & Rescue attended a vehicle fire when a pickup truck crew hauling a trailer with a post pounder noticed large flames in their rear view mirror. The first crew managed the flames until foam could be used.

A shop fire north of Marwayne had Marwayne and Dewberry Fire crews along with County (#9-1) Chief Hughes, RCMP and ATCO on scene. Chief Miskie was first on-scene and deployed a fire extinguisher grenade inside the building, allowing time for the responding Engine/Pumper who deployed attack lines. The crews entered the structure and doused the fire while Dewberry Fire and Rescue vented the super heated gases. The source of the fire was a vehicle inside the shop.

On the medical side of Protective Services, Dewberry Fire received a still alarm from the Dewberry school for a hurt student and fire crews provided first aid, until the student was transported by the parents.

June 6, Dewberry Fire and Rescue and Clandonald Fire attended the scene of a plane crash after a Voyent Alert was issued.

On June 8, tones dropped for a reported natural gas leak from a well head, which Marwayne Fire & Rescue responded, alongside County #9-1, County Peace Officer, Industry and County Gas Utility. Once safe, County of Vermilion River Gas Utilities and Industry worked to cap and repair the issue.

On the technical side Blackfoot firefighters rescued a cat from a tree on June 4. A duty crew responded and used a ladder and some treats, to skillfully entice the kitty from the tree.

A couple days later, Clandonald firefighters along with Animal Control and Fire Chief Hughes also performed a technical rescue when an older dog was trapped 30 feet inside a 75 foot culvert pipe. With the assistance of all, “Mojo” the dog was rescued.

Fire and Rescue crews have also been training in Wildland firefight techniques as it is anticipated to continue being a busy wildfire season.

The County of Vermilion River Fire Service is also extremely pleased to announce their partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada.

County First Responders attend various calls for service with some of them being quite traumatic. Operational Stress Injuries does not only affect the responders, it can also have affects on their families. Being in partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada will help provide the men and women serving the means to address critical mental health wellness.

“Mental health is one of the main priorities I identified as Fire Chief, and collectively we are working together with all eight stations within our Fire Service, to identify critical stress environments, arrange proper debriefings and manage long-term trauma care for those that require it. By partnering with Wounded Warriors, the County fire Service renew its commitment to our volunteers that we are serious about dealing with mental health issues,” says County Fire Chief Kirk Hughes.

Chief Parkinson and Blackfoot Fire are looking for firefighters. Situated about 10 km west of Lloydminster, Blackfoot provides fire and rescue coverage to the eastern portion of the County. If you’re interested in joining and live approximately seven minutes or so from the station please go to

To read the full stories on each service call and to see pictures and videos go to the County of Vermilion Protective Service Facebook page at the link above.

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