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Darrin Zubiak Garners National Acclaim For Exceptional Business and Community Leadership

Darrin Zubiak with his award. Photo submitted

Darrin Zubiak, the owner of Vermilion Fountain Tire, has been bestowed with the distinguished title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the company’s prestigious Owners’ Convention this March. This accolade, the highest honour within the Fountain Tire chain, celebrates Zubiak’s outstanding contributions to both business and community welfare.

Handpicked from a pool of 144 Fountain Tire owners spanning across Canada, Zubiak’s recognition comes as no surprise to those acquainted with his unwavering commitment to excellence. Boasting a stellar track record of leadership, community engagement, fostering enduring client relationships, and an outstanding safety record, Zubiak ascended to the MVP pedestal as he steadily grew the local business since taking over as manager in 2008.

Jason Herle, the Chief Executive Officer at Fountain Tire, extolled Zubiak’s virtues, hailing him an industry leader through and through. “He has embodied our company’s partnership philosophy every step of his career. From day one, he’s pitched in to ensure the success of those around him—whether that’s going the extra mile for a customer, working on the tools alongside his associates, or supporting the local community.”

Indeed, Zubiak’s commitment to the local community transcends the confines of his entrepreneurial endeavours. Under his ownership, Fountain Tire Vermilion has emerged as a beacon of philanthropy, generously sponsoring initiatives such as the Vermilion Stadium, Feast on the Farm, and various grassroots causes.

“We believe it’s important to give back to the community that has supported us all these years,” affirmed Zubiak. “It’s a testament to Fountain Tire’s ethos of solidarity with our customers and the residents of Vermilion.”

Despite the spotlight firmly fixed on him, Zubiak remains characteristically modest, attributing his triumph to the collective efforts of his dedicated team of 10 associates. “While I’m honoured and humbled to be recognized among many incredible colleagues, the success of our store also comes down to our staff. We’re problem solvers. We all help each other out. We’re a team,” he says.

Zubiak’s journey within the Fountain Tire fraternity is one marked by perseverance and unwavering dedication. Having commenced his journey in 1999 as a service truck driver, Zubiak ascended through the ranks, amassing a wealth of experience across diverse domains ranging from service truck driver to shop foreman, roadside assistance, oilfield service, and retail. His transformative journey culminated in his manager position of the Vermilion location in 2008, followed by his acquisition of a 50 percent ownership stake in the establishment two years later.

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