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Does Your Furry Friend Need Some Training?

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Do you have a furry friend who could benefit from some training? Whether it’s jumping up on people, not coming when called, chewing on everything in sight, or housetraining, Kathy Conway of Kathy’s Dog Obedience may have the solution you need.

Conway, a professional dog trainer with 40 years of experience, has competed in many levels of competitive obedience, Rally 0, tracking, herding, and pet therapy at seniors’ facilities. She has put over 100 titles on dogs and continues to take courses from top dog trainers. Her expertise and experience have allowed her to donate dogs for Seeing Eyes dogs and become a certified Canine Good Citizen tester for the Canadian Kennel Club.

Conway offers a variety of courses to help dogs of all ages and breeds at her dog training school located North of Innisfree. Lessons are taught in a 40 X 40 shop with solid rubber matting, and courses are offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

“I have taught obedience classes to all types of dogs and people including those who have special challenges, and I teach group or private lessons,” said Conway. 

For puppies aged 9 weeks to 5 months old, Puppy Kindergarten is the perfect course to teach basic commands such as sit, stand, down, walk nicely on a leash, come when called, stay, and do a play retrieve. Socialization and fun are also essential aspects of this course. Families with children are encouraged to join this level.

Novice Dog Obedience is for dogs aged 6 months to 8 years and teaches heel on a leash, sit, down, and stand stay. Novice Polishing is for those who have already completed Novice Dog Obedience and teaches off-leash heeling, stays, and formal retrieving.

For more advanced dogs, Open Obedience teaches off-leash work with a retrieve on the flat, retrieve over a jump, broad jump, drop on recall, and out-of-sight stays. Utility is for dogs that have completed Open Obedience and teaches hand signals, scent discrimination, seek back, directed jumping, and a moving stand.

Agility is an introductory course for dogs to go over obstacles, tunnels, jumps, weave poles, teeter-totter, and A-frame. This is a great activity for any dog, regardless of age or breed.

Conway’s training methods are gentle, fun, and positive, but also firm when necessary. Positive motivational training methods are used. Her accomplishments include Top Australian Shepherd in Canada for obedience in 2017. She has raised Golden Retrievers since 1987, with many of them excelling in conformation and obedience.  

If you’re interested in signing up for one of Conway’s courses, contact her dog training school today at 780-592-2360 or by email at

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