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Dreams Come True With HOPE

Amanda Noyce. Photo submitted

Lakeland alumna, Amanda Noyce wasn’t sure what to expect when she enrolled in Heavy Oil Power Engineering (HOPE). Noyce had no experience in the industry, wasn’t sure what exactly a power engineer did and didn’t know if she’d enjoy the program at all.

She ended up falling in love with it, and with the support of her instructors, landed her dream job at the Cenovus Energy Upgrader in Lloydminster.

“I did more research into what a power engineer does and it really interested me to get out of my comfort zone,” Noyce says. “I figured that at least I’d learn about motors and a little bit of plumbing and electrical. Good life skills. But I ended up really enjoying it.”

Coming to Lakeland with an open mind, Noyce couldn’t help but feel a little anxious on her first day. She credits her instructors for helping her overcome those nerves and excel in her studies.

“I was terrified my first day,” Noyce confesses. “Coming into a program like this, where I had no previous knowledge, and as a woman. I didn’t know if I could do it. But my instructors really helped me to thrive. They were honestly the best part of my Lakeland experience. I could call them if I had questions about an assignment I was working on, even if it was late. They’d drop anything to help me. They’d stay late, come in early, and reach out on weekends. They went out of their way to make me feel like I was important.”

Despite the abrupt change in the course because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Noyce says her positive Lakeland experience wasn’t impacted because her instructors managed to make the online transition work seamlessly.

After graduating in 2020, Noyce was hired as a full-time plant technician at the Cenovus Energy Upgrader, where she had completed both of her practicums. She felt confident during her practicums and now in her full-time position, credits Lakeland’s facilities, hands-on training and quality education for preparing her to succeed in the industry.

“The labs at Lakeland are awesome. The Cenovus Energy Lab is such an amazing place to learn. I loved that aspects of heavy oil were mixed with the power engineering parts of this program. It meant that when I got on the job, I could recognize the equipment and recognize the different processes. I already knew the chemical reactions that were essential for the job. My time at Lakeland prepared me so well for this position. It’s the exact job I want, it’s exactly what HOPE prepared me for. My time at Lakeland was so worth the time and investment and I enjoyed it so much. At the end of the day, I ended up getting my dream job,” said Noyce.

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