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Farm 4.0

From left, Mark Schmidt-Infrastructure and Hospitality, Ryan Urichuk-Infrastructure and Hospitality, Logan Nahorniak-Exhibition Team Lead, and Brooke Jarvis-Tour Coordinator. Photo Angela Mouly

The first-ever Farm 4.0 The Future Of Agriculture event was hosted by Lakeland College’s Bachelor of Agriculture Technology Class of 2024 students at the Vermilion Regional Centre on April 13.

Wanting to get more of the industry involved to show how agriculture is adapting with technology, they offered farm tours, showcased their 2nd- year practicum presentations, and hosted a trade show simultaneously throughout the day.

“Our event drew inspiration from the book ‘Food 5.0 How We Feed The Future’ by Robert Siak.

Farm tours allowed people to see how Lakeland College uses practical education and agriculture connections around the world. The trade show was represented by nearly 20 companies and allowed college students and industries to create potential job placement. The presentations detailed how agriculture is transitioning with new technology making technology sustainable, feasible, and economical for farmers or producers,” said Logan Nahorniak, exhibition team lead.

Of approximately 30 students Nahorniak oversaw 15 other people, and noted the three other teams that helped organize including finance, marketing, and infrastructure and hospitality. Originally from a 10,000 acre farm half an hour east of Humbolt, Saskatchewan, he came to Lakeland for Crop Technology. He got his diploma and was encouraged to continue getting the degree.

“When we started seeding at the college, we were able were able to use drones and prescription maps for variable rating and got to experience different diagnostics in GPS systems. With this course, you get a full overview of how technology is being integrated into agriculture,” said Nahorniak.

With the program only in its second year he said with the industry rapidly changing, 40 different companies came together to create the program. As students had the opportunity to work hands-on with 27 different types of technology. Having this experience and knowing the problems that can arise, they will be able to use these technologies to figure out solutions for producers once they are out in the workplace.

“Having someone with that experience allows them to feel confident in who they are dealing with. Knowing where to incorporate the technology and being able to relay it to a producer will help in future job placements,” said Nahorniak.

CNH Industrial had their Precision Mobile trailer for Western Canada on site. First year student, Austin Leroux, said the smaller guidance systems with Trimble monitors can be used for tillage or GPS, while the larger ones are meant more for seed drills, etc. so they can be set up split screen. He also pointed out some of the new Raven monitors.

“These can be put on any piece of equipment, but some of the newer machinery comes with multiple systems. Some allow you to get all of your seeding data right on your phone, and potentially you can share it with your agronomist right on the cloud,” said Leroux.

“It’s been very well run, especially for a first time event. I think it’s good for Vermilion and makes agriculture look bright moving forward,” said Mikayla Flint, AFSC Relationship Manager of Insurance.

“It’s a great showcase of innovation and technology for the industry, the college and the students. Especially for a first time, to host an event of this size and magnitude is impressive,” said Shustyn de Jong, AFSC Relationship Manager of Lending.

Participants had the opportunity to fill out an online survey and be entered for a chance to win a smoker donated by UFA. Students thanked all of the company representatives for participating and local producers for stopping by to see what is new in the industry.

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