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Farm Curl - Old Timers Cabin - Reunion Hall

Previous Farm Curl. Photo submitted

One yearly event I always look forward to is the farm curl. Hosted by The Vermilion Agricultural Society in partnership with the Vermilion Curling Club the farm curl is a great way to celebrate our farmers with fellowship and sportsmanship. Starting more than 65 years ago and continuing annually since the farm curl is now considered tradition by many. While some of the events surrounding the farm curl have changed, the event itself has stayed true to its roots by encompassing our community and members from the surrounding area with an agricultural influence, it continues to be an appreciation for the farm component of the community. With a banquet and entertainment, the farm curl is always a good time enjoyed by many. The Reunion Hall at the Vermilion Fairgrounds is also a service enjoyed by many. It is an air-conditioned meeting room located just above the Vermilion Ag Society main office, that plays host to livestock meetings, school reunions, and exhibitor meals. Located directly above the Agricultural Society Office. This space offers seating for approximately 200 people with room for a dance floor. For those looking for a change of pace from the beer gardens there is also a fully licensed bar as well. Reunion Hall is open all three days of the Fair and welcomes anyone to stop in, have a drink and enjoy the comfort. By the way, please bring along your friends! Across the fairgrounds lies another “hidden gem” of the fair in the Old-Timers Cabin.

The Old Timers Cabin is a place for our seniors to sit and reminisce with one-another. Venture within and you’re bound to end up receiving an impromptu history lesson. The Old Timers cabin is also host to new washrooms that are always exceptionally clean. These services are all only available due to the hard work of our volunteers, committees, and staff. We are very thankful to have the level of workers that we do the organizers work hard to bring us a fun event each year so be sure to give them a thank you next time you find yourself at the Vermilion Farm Curl.

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