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Folk Club To Host The McDades

The McDades. Photo supplied

The Vermilion Folk Club is looking forward to welcoming the McDade family to perform at the Vermilion Legion on November 19, at 7 p.m.

Originally from Edmonton, the siblings Shannon, Solon, and Jeremiah grew up playing folk music at old-time dances and are now highly acclaimed for their work. They won a Juno Award for ‘Best Roots Album (Group),’ and two Canadian Folk Music Awards for ‘World Group of the Year’ and ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’.

Having Scottish and Irish heritage their family has been playing music for generations, but the siblings decided to start a new version after university. Largely Celtic, their show is sure to be entertaining; and they are said to incorporate influences from jazz and a history of working with other performers from around the world. They are also said to have a unique sound and lively performances, and whether it’s through their storytelling or stage presence, being related is sure to add a special flare.

As children they took french in school, and having moved for University, Solon still resides in Montreal, so they sing in French as well. He said they really enjoy playing with family because having a similar background, there are a lot of things that don’t need to be explained.

“Rehearsals and studio work are quite fluid and easy because so much is understood between us. Our shows are pretty energetic; some songs are slower and might bring a tear to your eye being steeped in tradition,” said Jeremiah. “Celtic music is the root of all country music, having started with the Irish and Scottish that came over here in the 1800s. It depends on your taste in music but Celtic music is quite invigorating; it’s passionate, it can get your feet tapping, it makes you want to dance, and it’s got some slower heart-rending songs - it has most elements of music that really touch people.”

Their new album, ‘The Empress,’ was also just nominated for three Canadian Folk Awards and they are looking forward to playing with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra the week after they visit Vermilion. Anticipating the show in Vermilion he said, “We love playing to smaller communities because they are always a welcoming audience and we want to share our music with everyone we can. We have a lot of family in the area and cousins that will be at the event, and it’s a joy to bring our music to new audiences.”

For more information or to listen to their music, you can visit

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