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Friends Of Vermilion Health Centre: Will Be At The Vermilion Fair

The Friends of Vermilion Health Centre, a dedicated group of individuals committed to enhancing patient care, will be making their presence felt at the upcoming Vermilion Fair. Known for their relentless efforts in fundraising, the group has played a significant role in procuring essential equipment for the local Hospital and Long Term Care facility.

The Friends of Vermilion Health Centre was established with a noble mission in mind: to raise funds through public donations, suppers, baseball tournaments, and various other events to acquire vital equipment for their community’s healthcare institutions. In 1994, the group received recognition as a Registered Charitable Organization, solidifying its commitment to supporting local healthcare.

Before the pandemic struck, the majority of their funds were generated through public donations and their renowned “Trip of the Month” lottery. However, when travel became restricted during COVID, the group quickly adapted their approach and initiated a “Cash” Lottery instead. The lottery has proven successful, with an annual Early Bird draw of $1000 in October, followed by monthly draws of $1000 from January to November, culminating in a Grand Prize draw of $10,000 in December. The funds raised through these efforts have been invaluable in improving patient care and providing much-needed equipment for the Hospital and Long Term Care facility.

As they gear up for the 2024 Cash Lottery, the Friends of Vermilion Health Centre are proud to announce that 2000 tickets have been printed for the draw, each priced at $20. Tickets are conveniently available for purchase via cash and e-transfer, making it easier than ever to support this worthy cause.

The impact of the Friends’ fundraising endeavors can be seen in the extensive list of equipment they have been able to provide over the years. From specialized endoscopic equipment for bladder, urinary tract, stomach, esophagus, and bowel procedures to equipment for minor orthopedic and general surgeries, they have left no stone unturned in their mission to enhance healthcare facilities in Vermilion. Notably, their collaboration with the local Rotary Club and CNRL resulted in the construction of a delightful Gazebo in the Long Term Care courtyard, providing a peaceful haven for residents and their families.

Furthermore, the Friends of Vermilion Health Centre have made significant contributions to patient comfort and safety. With overhead track lifts for patient transfers, alternating pressure mattresses to prevent skin breakdown, and the innovative MotoMed exercise machine, residents in wheelchairs have been able to maintain their mobility and quality of life. The group has also facilitated the acquisition of portable patient lifts for both the Hospital and Long Term Care, further enhancing patient care.

Their commitment to meeting the unique needs of patients is evident through their purchase of an Ambient Activity Board for residents with dementia, as well as a Bariatric commode chair to aid heavier patients and residents.

To support their cause and participate in the 2024 Cash Lottery, interested individuals can visit the Friends of Vermilion Health Centre’s ticket booth, conveniently located just south of the main grandstand at the Vermilion Fair. For those unable to attend the Fair, tickets will also be sold at the Vermilion Farmers’ Market, you can check their Facebook page at Friends Of Vermilion Health Centre to see when they will be selling tickets at the market. Tickets are also available at Fantasy Flowers, or can be obtained from any Friends member. Additional information and ticket purchases can be made by calling 780-853-0856 or by inquiring on their Facebook. Furthermore, charitable donations and memorial contributions can be made at local Funeral Homes, Scotia Bank, Fantasy Flowers, and the Hospital Front Desk.

The Friends of Vermilion Health Centre extend their heartfelt appreciation to all who have generously supported their endeavors through donations and ticket purchases. Their unwavering dedication and community spirit have undoubtedly made a positive impact on the healthcare landscape in Vermilion. As they gear up for the upcoming Cash Lottery, the Friends of Vermilion Health Centre eagerly look forward to continued support from the community to bolster their efforts in supporting the local Hospital and Long Term Care facility. So come one, come all, and be a part of this incredible initiative at the Fair!

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