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Heavy Horse - Light Horse

2019 Heavy Horses at the fair. Photo Sue Chikie

At the Vermilion Fair we are incredibly lucky to have the level of competition that we do each summer. Both the light horse and heavy horse competitions see a high level of sportsmanship and competition with competitors coming great distances to compete in this show. With the way the rodeo circuit plays out we regularly get world class competitors from the Calgary Stampede coming to our fair to compete in our heavy horse competition making it a cannot miss event in the summer.

Heavy horses are the gentle giants of the horse kingdom. Also called draft horses and workhorses, these are horses who love to work. Not only are these gentle giants celebrated for their calm demeanor, but they were also integral to farm living in the early days of farming in this country. Heavy horses continue to be helpful partners on many farms and are most seen doing farm work, logging, and giving sleigh rides. There are dozens of heavy horse breeds, including Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron, and Shires. All these breeds are celebrated for their strength and patience making them the perfect helping hand (or hoof) on many farms and ranches. These hard-working animals are a great addition to our fair, so the next time you hear of heavy horses making an appearance in your community, be sure to take the opportunity to meet them up close! And at the same time make sure to meet the committee behind the event and thank them for all the hard work they put into making the event a success each year.

The equine show is another highly anticipated event each year. Our Equine Show runs all three days of the Fair and we are proud to offer many different classes in English and Western as well as Dressage and Driving. There is a little something for every type of rider at the Vermilion Fair, from beginner to advanced. There are pleasure classes, which are judged on the performance of the horse and how pleasurable the horse is to ride. Equitation classes, where the rider must give commands effectively to their horse. Then there are the timed classes, Western riding has games such as pole bending and barrel racing. English riders do stadium jumping and cross country. Horse shows are about competition, and sportsmanship. Competing in shows requires a lot of practice and a synchronicity between horse and rider. Spectators will enjoy the beauty of equestrian sports. Anyone who wants to learn more about the sport can talk to the knowledgeable committee members on site.

If you are planning your visit to an upcoming Vermilion Fair, don’t forget the horse shows! All the effort, hard work, and level of sportsmanship make both shows a cannot miss!

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