• Braxton Hoare

High-Speed Internet Anywhere In The World

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The modern world relies heavily on the internet, whether it’s work or play everyone is spending some time online, because of this it’s hard to believe that so many people still have such outdated service from their providers. In some areas of rural Alberta, the internet can be as slow as 100kbps (too slow to load a web page reliably) and can even be inconsistent with its connection. Many people are forced to endure the annoyances of satellite internet with its high price and still mediocre service. However, a new age of satellite internet is on the horizon, boasting high speeds and low latency, this new internet will bring everyone into the modern age.

Starlink is a company specializing in satellite internet, promising they can give connection to everyone regardless of country or location, at speeds that were never possible before. Over the last year, Space X (Starlink’s parent company) has launched over 1000 satellites for their internet service. Starlink varies slightly from the traditional techniques of how satellite internet has been done in the past, rather than the standard distance from the surface they opt to launch their satellites into low Earth orbit (about 500km in the sky). When compared to Traditional satellites (which fly at around 20,000km), Starlinks satellites have considerably lower latency, this is because they are noticeably closer to the ground. For those who don’t know, latency is how long it takes for the information requested by the computer to fly up to the satellite, reach the tower on the ground, then return back through the satellite to your house. So, given that it takes time to travel those distances, even for radio