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Ice Plant Fund Harvest

From left, Katie Combs, Ryan Hansen- Ireland Farm Equipment, Len Tachetter- Ireland Farm Equipment, Kurtis Farkash- Southview Truthing, Dylan Baddock- Ireland Farm Equipment, Travis Woywitka, and Ryan Bourna- Ireland Farm Equipment. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Back on May 14 Webb’s Machinery donated their time and equipment to seed a 100-acre field which was graciously donated by Laurence and Marion Ferbey with wheat seed that was donated through Sygenta and fertilizer donated by Richardson Pioneer in support of the Vermilion Curling Clubs, Growing The Ice Plant Budget Committee.

Throughout the growing season, the crop was sprayed by Agland and Rocky Mountain Equipment, while chemicals used were donated by FMC, Corteva, Bayer, Everest and BASF. Fuel for the project was donated by Selte Fuels and Cornerstone Co-op.

On October 3, Ireland Farm Equipment who provided the manpower and combine, alongside Southview Trucking and Rusylvia Transport harvested the wheat under beautiful sunny skies and warm dry conditions.

“They started around 11 a.m. and it will take approximately eight hours to complete the harvest,” said Travis Woywitka.

The group that included Bud Baddock was very pleased with the weather conditions throughout the day.

“It is nice to be out in the sunshine,” said Bud Baddock.

“It’s beautiful harvest weather. We have dry grain and decent yields,” said Dylan Baddock of Ireland Farm.

The harvested wheat has been sold to Cargill Grain Elevator in Vermilion and the Growing the Ice Plant Budget Committee is so thankful to everyone involved, they are awaiting numbers on how much they have raised for the Ice Plant.

“We are so thankful to the Ferbey family for their part in this project and we are so thankful to everyone who has been involved. The Ice plant benefits the whole community as it provides ice for minor hockey, figure skating, and the Curling Club,” said Dylan Baddock.

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