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Ice Plant Update

We are one step closer to the installation of the new Ice Plant with the demolition of the old plant that has been keeping the arena, stadium and curling rink in service for almost 60 years. Cimco Refrigeration has completed the demolition and decommissioning of the old facility, and the project is presently on target for an August 2021 installation date of the new equipment. The hope is to be ready for next winter’s activity season.

The Vermilion Facility Enhancement Board, the volunteer group raising funds for the project has been able to secure funding from several sources, including many community families, The County of Vermilion River, The Vermilion Curling Club through the “Grow the Ice Plant” harvest, and The Vermilion Rotary Club. Local sponsorship packages are going to be heading out into the community soon giving local businesses and families the opportunity to be part of the success of the project. A thermometer has been erected on Railway Ave by the Town office to show the community the fundraising progress, watch the temperature go up this summer!

The Facility Enhancement Board is composed of community volunteers, and the Board is presently revamping their Bylaws, and will be presenting them at the next Annual Meeting on Monday May 3, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom, followed by a regular Board meeting right after. All community members are welcome to attend. Please contact Kevin Martin, Board Chair at or Kevin Lucas at the Town of Vermilion office to receive the Zoom link for the meeting or for more information about the Enhancement Board.

From left Kim Thompson, Kevin Lucas, Kevin Martin from the Town of Vermilion receiving a cheque from Andrew McCrae and Lacey McCrae, Dylan Baddock, and Daniel Webb. Photo Dawn Riley

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