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Innisfree-Minburn 4-H Beef Club

Bradley McLaughlin winning Grand Champion Female.

Under sunny skies and warm weather, the Innisfree-Minburn 4-H Beef Club held their 57th Annual Show and Sale on May 25, at the Minburn Ag Grounds. The show began at 2 p.m., with supper sponsored by Rocky Mountain Equipment at 5 p.m. and the sale at 6:30 p.m.

After months of working diligently to get their project animals ready to show, the 4-H members presented their animals to Judge Dave Durie for conformation and Judge Kaylie Anderson for showmanship and grooming. Members aged 9-18 sported their well-rounded steers, heifers, and 2 and 3-year-old cow/calf pairs. The show judge viewed the well-groomed animals, which showed the members' skills in halter breaking, grooming, and clipping techniques. The conformation judge had the opportunity to view the member’s animals to see how their decisions in choosing the right animal and their skills in caring for and feeding their project animal had produced well-defined animals.

Brad McLaughlin winning Reserve Grand Champion Female.

In the steer competition, Dylan Cannan - Senior, Camille Kassian – Senior, Carson Kassian – Senior, and Alex Nott – Senior, Brad McLaughlin – Intermediate, Chase Hess- Intermediate, Madeline Nott – Intermediate, Austin Garnier – Junior, Peyton Hess – Junior, Rylan Jackson – Junior, presented their animals.

In the Heifer competition, Austin Garnier, Camille Kassian, and Brad McLaughlin presented their animals.

Rylan Jackson for Grand Champion steer.

Austin Garnier and Brad McLaughlin presented their 2-year-old cow/calf pairs and Austin Garnier was the only presenting 3-year-old cow/calf pair.

Dylan Garnier a third-year cleaver and Katrina McLaughlin a first-year cleaver both showed their calves in the show.

“My project this year is a Simmental cross steer calf named Rocky. He’s been lots of fun to train, even when he’s being stubborn,” stated Dylan Garnier.

Katrina McLaughlin stated, “my project animal is Hailey. She acts super nervous and shy around people, but when she is alone she is energetic like most calves are. She is super cute though. Hailey is a black calf with a white blaze on her face.”

Camille Kassian for Reserve Champion steer.

Rylan Jackson won Grand Champion Steer, Camille Kassian won the Reserve Champion Steer, Brad McLaughlin took the Grand Champion Female, as well as the Reserve Champion Female.

The club would like to thank their successful buyers: Stude Baker; Vantage Builders Ltd.; Quarter Cuts Ltd.; Webb’s Machinery Ltd.; Derek Saskiw - Mile West Angus; Agriterra Equipment; Wilde Advisory Group; Bilyk Financial; Darrell & Donna MacDonald Saskiw- Birch Lake Farms; Northern Livestock sales, as well as their sponsors.


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