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International Credit Union Day Celebrated With Joy And Community Spirit

From left, Vermilion Credit Union member service officer Delainey Selte, and account manager Celina Savic standing with some of the cupcakes, beverages, and goodie bags they had ready for attendees. Photo Lorna Hamilton

In a display of community spirit and appreciation, International Credit Union Day was celebrated on October 19, marking a tradition that has been observed every third Thursday in October since 1948. The day provides an opportunity to reflect on the rich history of the credit union movement, recognize its remarkable achievements, and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of both members and staff. It’s a day for sharing the experiences that have made credit unions an integral part of countless communities around the world.

Across the nation, members and staff came together to celebrate this special day, but the Vermilion and Mannville locations took the spotlight with their relaxed and casual celebration. The event at these locations was a wonderful way to recognize and appreciate the deep-rooted connection between credit unions and their local communities.

Christa Grocock, Manager of Member Experience, expressed the sentiment behind the celebrations, stating, “Our staff was out and about in our communities delivering some treats to local businesses that service our community as a way to show our appreciation for their hard work and contributions; making Vermilion and Mannville better places to live and work.”

Members who visited these branches were treated to a delightful spread of cupcakes and coffee, along with an opportunity to participate in a door prize draw. The prize for the lucky winners was an embroidered throw blanket, a perfect companion for the upcoming colder months. Additionally, members received surprise goodie bags, filled with a variety of Vermilion Credit Union swag items, ensuring that everyone left with a tangible memory of the day.

The Credit Union 2024 calendar was made available for free, allowing members to stay organized. And, in a thoughtful touch for the little ones, Credit Union Day colouring pages were also on hand to keep children engaged and entertained throughout the celebrations.

One common thread that ran through the day’s festivities was the shared appreciation between members and staff. Credit Union Day served as a remarkable reminder of the vital role these institutions play in fostering a sense of community. Whether through financial support, community engagement, or the personal touch of dedicated employees, the day celebrated the reciprocal bond between credit unions and their members.

International Credit Union Day is a celebration of history, achievements, hard work, and community support. With each passing year, this tradition continues to strengthen the bonds between credit unions and t


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