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J. R. Robson Graduation

J.R. Robson Class of 2023. Photo Reimagined Portrait Art

Hundreds of family and friends gathered to celebrate the J. R. Robson Class of 2023 during their graduation on June 28.

Principal, Lindsey Bates gave a special address saying, “Congratulations on a significant milestone. You have benefited our student body and it is reassuring to know that though the world may not always be at peace, there are fine people like you who are going to make a positive impact. The first step is often the hardest, but you begin to shape your destiny. You possess unique talents and passions; strive to be trailblazers of change. Remember where you came from; this is a province of people who are willing to go above and beyond. Go forth fostering strong connections and giving back to your communities; dare to dream big. Please make your footprint one that makes this world a better place.”

BTPS Deputy Superintendent, Michelle Webb met a large portion of the class in Grade 2 during her time at Vermilion Elementary School and said, “Graduating high school is no small feat; you should be proud of yourselves. As we celebrate your success, you have the support of your family, friends, teachers, and community. As you move into the next chapter know that you have the skills, knowledge, and support to achieve your dreams. You are an inspiration to us all.”

Mayor Greg Throndson said that a person has to push hard for what they want to do and quoted Marcus Arelius saying, “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Noticing a variety of individual goals and undecided aspirations MLA, Garth Rowswell, noted that he certainly did not have a master plan.

“Enjoy those first steps, and worry not if they seem faltering at times. Thank you and good luck with your future,” said Rowswell.

MP Shannon Stubbs shared a video message saying, “This is your time; cherish childhood memories, and embrace becoming an adult. You can determine how to fill the pages of your book.

Valedictorian, Alex Polishuk, said, “For our entire lives all we wanted to do was grow up. Today is the day. We get to have one last look at our past and as we walk off this stage, take the first step into our next chapter. Dolly Parton said, ‘If you spend all your time worrying about the bees, you’re never gonna get a chance to taste the honey.” As we pursue our passions and goals, every once in a while stop, take a look around and appreciate how far you’ve come because if there’s something we’ve learned in the past 13 years it’s that life happens fast. Taking this next step into the future is a testament to the courage, resilience and determination each one of us possesses. I believe each and every one of us in this class has the ability to change and inspire a small part of our world and create a positive impact. While embracing our future means being open to change, continuously learning, and adapting to new circumstances; it means being willing to step outside our comfort zones and embrace failure as a circumstance of success. As we go out into this new unknown called adulthood remember to have faith in yourself, courage in your heart, and some common sense in your brain. Whether your next step to the future is a leap, bound or baby step; remember that no matter what the future holds, it is full of opportunities. All you have to do is seize the opportunities and run as fast as you can. Congratulations graduates; we made it.

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