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J.R. Robson - Track & Field

Back row from left, Maddy Smith and Jillian Wilkinson. Front row from left, Raenas Abuzukar, Asia Clark, and Kaedence Eriksen. Photos Angela Mouly

Student-athletes stepped outdoors and cheered one another on as they competed in the J.R. Robson Track & Field on May 17.

Substitute teacher Elaine Christie,” said It’s a culmination of three weeks of training and developing fitness all year. It provides a chance to be together, compete against one another and themselves, earning ribbons or pride in personal bests.”

With 12 possible choices, students had to select a minimum of five events each to compete in; at least 2 track events and 3 field events.

“I like to be athletic,” said Owen Harder.

“It’s a fun day to compete with your classmates,” added Adam Blackmore.

Athletic Director Lee Woodward said, “There’s incredible effort by all the athletes today. Because children often excel at an individual sport, this is a good exhibition of those individual skills. The weather is nice and they are enjoying themselves. It is just about participating and is great to see the kids running, jumping and throwing.”

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