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Jumping Clinic Held At The Ag Grounds

Shaylin Erickson makes a jump during the Jumping Clinic. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Registered Equestrian Canada coach Quindy Watts, who is also registered through the Alberta Equestrian Federation held a jumping clinic at the Vermilion Ag grounds on Saturday, June 26. Watts is originally from the Peterborough area in Ontario, and has resided in Alberta for the past 15 years. Watts currently resides on a small farm just south of Wainwright and has been involved in the horse industry for 30 years and riding since she was 12 years old.

“I have worked in different disciplines of the industry, which has helped me quite a bit when it comes to creating success with difficult horse, and rider combinations. I have pulled skills from the hunter/jumpers, dressage, western pleasure, and the harness racing industry that I have worked in,” commented Watts.

The clinic Watts held on Saturday provided riders from beginner to advanced levels the opportunity to hone in on their jumping skills on their horses and to also help teach the horses how to read jumps. She also held a class that contained flat riders where no jumps were involved just pole work.

“It is to teach equitation skills to the riders, and to teach the horses how to use their body properly,” explained Watts.

Watts also explained that the clinic is not only educational for riders, but that it provides riders the opportunity to get out with their horses and to put valuable miles on a horse.

“In time, your horse can become very rideable, and they learn to enjoy road trips. If you create a great learning environment for the horse and riders, it makes it a fun experience for everyone, and there may be one small thing that has been learned by the individual that may stick with them for a long time,” said Watts.

Watts started working in barns when she was young which started her horsemanship skills and said that she had a pony that liked to keep her humble by letting her hit the ground on a monthly basis. She described her younger self as a ‘barn rat’ as she worked and took on any jobs and rides just so that she could learn.

“I continued working with horses, and my skills, and education evolved under the tutelage of many professionals in the horse industry,” Watts comments.

Watts teaches in the Wainwright area out of her farm and the Wainwright Equine Centre and also teaches some of her clients in Lloydminster one day a week.

Riders enjoyed the clinic and the opportunities it provided under sunny skies and very warm temperatures.

The clinic was organized by the Light Horse Committee at the Vermilion Ag Society. Joining the Light Horse Committee is a way for the younger generation to continue the legacy of the Light Horse Committee.

“Being a part of the Light Horse Committee is a wonderful way to give back to the community,” stated Dallis Franke, who is a member of the Light Horse Committee.


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