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Just Kruzin Vehicle Car Club Show And Shine Event

A real wood car at the car show. Photo Lorna Hamilton

The Servus Sports Centre was abuzz with excitement as car enthusiasts from near and far gathered for the 16th Annual Show and Shine, hosted by the Just Kruzin Specialty Vehicle Car Club. The event, held on a sunny Saturday, showcased over 200 vehicles, drawing a large crowd eager to marvel at the impressive array of vehicles.

From meticulously restored classics to powerful racing machines, the show featured a diverse collection that captivated attendees of all ages. Car-related vendors added to the experience, offering a variety of products and services. The Brittania fire department was on hand with their fire trucks, while Lloydminster Fire and Rescue displayed their rescue vehicles, providing an interactive element for visitors.

Children were not left out of the fun. A dedicated area organized by the Club offered engaging activities, including Make n’ Take Models ran by Big Brothers and Sisters, and a Matchbox car races contest was held by Can-Do Auto. Additionally, the group Protection for the Unprotected was present to raise awareness about child abuse. Border Paws was also on site.

Registration for the event began at 9 a.m., with free entry for all participants. The organizers aimed to create an inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to join in the festivities without any cost. Food vendors provided a variety of delicious options, adding to the enjoyment of the day.

The Just Kruzin Specialty Vehicle Car Club expressed their gratitude to the sponsors and volunteers who played a crucial role in the event’s success. “The perfect weather and the presence of familiar faces added to the overall enjoyment of the day,” a club representative commented.

The 16th Annual Show and Shine was a triumphant celebration of automotive passion, bringing together enthusiasts to share their love for unique and exceptional vehicles. The event not only highlighted the beauty and power of these machines but also fostered a sense of community among those who appreciate them.

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