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Kalyna Country Welcomes New Mental Health Navigators

Kalyna Country PCN, recently introduced Donna Tindall and Jaclyn Chartrand as their new Mental Health Navigators. The Mental Health Navigators will act as a hub to connect and support community members. To take a proactive approach towards our local communities mental health Jaclyn and Donna, as the Mental Health Navigators will help with various different services. They will help by contacting community members for initial assessment, determining the appropriate community-based mental health services and programs for each member, and will help with setting up appointments, filing paperwork, and assisting them with connecting with the required supports. Even after the Mental Health Navigators help with determining what supports could be useful to an individual they will follow up with their family physician to provide updates to ensure that they are receiving the best quality of care. Donna will be serving the communities of Killam, Viking, Hardisty, and Tofield and Jacyln will be Vermilion and Vegreville’s Navigator.

Both Donna and Jacyln are passionate about mental health, and surely will be a great resource for their communities. For those who may need help with their mental health but don’t know where to look, feel free contact either Donna or Jacyln at 780-632-2091.

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