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Knights Of Columbus Pancake Breakfast

Members of the Knights of Columbus and Vermilion CLASS at the pancake breakfast. Photo Lorna Hamilton

The Knights of Columbus held a pancake breakfast at St. Jerome’s school in the Fr. Cordeau Centre on November 27.

Knights of Columbus members prepared pancakes, sausages, ham, scrambled eggs, and hash browns, as well as strawberries and whipped cream which you could have on your pancakes or for dessert. While volunteers from CLASS checked in on patrons and cleaned tables and dishes. The breakfast is held the last Sunday of every month until the end of April except for the month of December due to the holiday season.

This month's proceeds were donated to Vermilion CLASS.

CLASS-Vermilion River Community Learning was established in 1973 and became a non-profit society in 1998. It belongs to a network of over 81 Learning Councils in Alberta and is a member of the Community Learning Network. The organization coordinates, encourages, and promotes lifelong learning within the County of Vermilion River, and operates largely by its volunteer workers. CLASS offers a wide variety of learning opportunities including: Literacy tutoring: in reading, writing, math, and the English language. Community Learning Classes such as personal development, art, technology, safety, and youth, as well as operating as a newcomer center with welcome bags, and community information.

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