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Lakeland College Fundraising Campaign Will Exceed $11 Million Goal

The Leading. Learning, The Lakeland Campaign has become Lakeland College’s most successful fundraising campaign in its history due to the generosity of more than 1,000 donors.

The campaign started in 2016 and will close on June 30. Currently, the fundraiser has beaten the original $11 million goal as more than $12 million has been raised thus far.

“Our donors are leading the way through their incredible support of this campaign,” says Mike Kotelko, chair of the campaign leadership team and a member of Lakeland’s Class of 1982. As of April 30, 1,096 donors have given 2,967 gifts.

The fundraising initiative focuses on three priorities – expanding student success, empowering the next leaders in agriculture, and growing results-oriented research.

“Because of our donors’ generosity, Lakeland students have access to more opportunities and services. They’re learning in new and modernized facilities. And research capacity has grown at Lakeland, with the primary goal of advancing real-world agricultural productivity and sustainability,” says Kotelko. Kotelko also thanked the leadership team for their generosity in volunteering their time and talents that helped make the campaign such a success.

The goal was surpassed due to the individuals, families, businesses, foundations and organizations who are making donations and supporting fundraising events such as the President’s Gala, Feast on the Farm, and the Rustlers Golf Tournament. Students, Alumni, community members and Lakeland employees are among the donors.

“We’re grateful to everyone who has contributed to the campaign to help our students thrive and become confident, collaborative graduates. Great things happen when we pull together,” says Dr. Alice Wainwright-Stewart, the college’s president and CEO. “For those who haven’t made a gift yet, there’s still time to be part of this historic campaign. You can play a leading role during this exciting time of transformation for Lakeland College.”

Gifts to Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign. ensure the problem solvers, innovators, leaders, and hard workers continue to benefit from the highest quality education and leadership opportunities. Visit for information and to donate or contact Stacey Ruller at 780.872.3080 or

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