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Lea Park Rodeo Postponed

Zeke Thurston’s 85.5 point Saddle Bronc ride at the 2018 Lea Park Rodeo. Photo Vermilion Voice

The Lea Park Rodeo was produced with the combined efforts of Judge Hines, E.A. Meiklejohn and Charlie Barnes back in the late 1920’s and was one of the first rodeos in the area. The rodeo was managed by the three gentlemen for three years.

According to the Lea Park Rodeo website, Andy Gibson, then promoted two rodeos, followed by two or three years promotion by V.C. (Vernie) and Dewey Hines and the last rodeo was around 1934 with no other rodeos held until 1955 when it resurfaced under the guidance of Dewey Hines and Gerald West. Since 1955 the rodeo has taken place annually and was originally held on Tuesday and Wednesday until it changed in 1960 to Friday and Saturday.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the rodeo was cancelled in 2020, but still held the annual truck give-a-way. The 2021 Lea Park Rodeo was scheduled for its original time in June, but again due to COVID-19 it has been postponed to July 23, 24, and 25 with the hope that COVID-19 restrictions will be less or lifted as they are regulated by the National Rodeo Association. If the rodeo needs to be cancelled again this year president, Lloyd Gray said that the 2021 Dodge RAM 3/4 Ton mega cab truck tickets will still be available for purchase at $100 each with only 1250 tickets printed plus they will also have 10- $500 and five-$1000 cash prize draws. To purchase tickets you can check out the Lea Park Rodeo website at and watch for further updates.

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